7 Budget Fashion Tricks To Always Look Luxury

Luxury Dress

Whether it’s your workwear or evening attire, we all want to look great no matter what our personal style. The problem is fashion trends are always chaining and keeping on top of the latest looks can be pricey. For this reason we often settle for cheaper alternatives to what we would have actually liked to have worn.

But the good news is shopping and dressing on a budget doesn’t mean having to compromise on your style. There are a number of ways you can keep the cost of your wardrobe down whilst still looking great. In this guide we’ll share our top seven fashion tricks for always looking luxurious even when you’re on a budget. Read on to find out more!

1. Buy tailored clothes

If you want to look luxury there is one sure fire way to do it. When it comes to style, you rarely see celebrities or famous fashionistas photographed wearing ill-fitting clothes that are too big or small for them. That’s because the best way to flatter your figure and look great is with tailored garments. These could be a great pair of ankle grazing trousers or a fitted blazer. You just need to make sure that they are a good fit for you and that they pinch or gather in all the right places.

2. Keep it simple

You know what they say, less is more! So while pink floral might be in this month, fast fashion means trends are changing all the time and if you try to keep up with them all you could end up spending a fortune on clothes. Not to mention that this isn’t good for the environment or your wardrobe space. So instead it’s best to invest in some great basics that you can easily dress up or down accordingly.

This means choosing a good coat, trousers, jeans, shirt etc. until you’ve covered all the basic bases. For example, if you wear a pencil skirt and blouse to work everyday, choose a few staple items like these and keep them in neutral colours like black, white, navy or grey. By keeping your colour scheme neutral these are easier to mix and match to create a number of luxurious looks.

3. Know how to accessorise

Accessories can make all the difference, especially when you’re working with a basic wardrobe. Adding statement pieces of jewellery can add a real touch of class and luxury to your look, without breaking the bank. Just be sure you don’t choose jewellery that’s too cheap – after all, green bands round your fingers or wrists certainly doesn’t say luxury!

What’s more, you should also choose a statement handbag. Make sure this is elegant and versatile so you can pair it with most outfits. Then, to take your look to the next level try to also match your shoes with your handbag. This can really add a touch of elegance to your look and shows that you’ve put real thought into your outfit.

4. Choose the right fabrics

Another trick to always looking fabulous even in budget clothes is choosing the right materials. Cheaper clothing is going to be made from cheaper fabric and not as well made as more expensive brands, so you need to be careful when choosing your clothes. If you buy something that is made with a really tacky looking material it’s going to look awful. Instead, try to get the most bang for your buck and look for well-made but affordable garments where the material looks more expensive than it really is.

You also need to be aware that if you buy budget clothes they sometimes start to fall apart, so you need to fix this quickly. For example, if you notice a loose thread – cut it off right away! And if a button falls of your bargain coat, sew it back on. You could even replace the cheap looking buttons on your coat with some more luxury looking ones that you’ve bought separately from a craft store. These small details can make a real difference to how luxury you really look.

5. Iron your clothes

This might seem like a strange (and pretty simple) thing to say, but ironing your clothes is such a cheap way to improve your look. Let’s be honest, creases don’t look good. But sometimes when we’re in a hurry we decide to ignore the odd wrinkle here and there. If you really want to look luxury even in budget clothes, invest in a great iron and be sure to take your time in getting all the creases out.

6. Go thrift shopping

If you’re looking for some big name brands but you’re put off by the price tags, why not go thrift shopping! Checking out charity shops, pre-loved sites online or outlet stores can make a real difference when it comes to finding a bargain. Thrift shopping doesn’t mean buying battered or tatty old clothing. In reality you’d be surprised what people throw away or donate. You can often find some great quality items from big labels and you could even find some beautifully unique and vintage items that no one else will have.

7. Shop out of season

This is a budget fashion trick that you could really benefit from, and once again shows why it’s better to have a basic wardrobe that you can mix and match. If you shop out of season you can often find things for half the price (and sometimes even less!). So while it may be summer time, if you see the perfect trench coat for a reduced price, it’s worth buying and putting it at the back of your wardrobe until the winter.

But as previously stated, fashion trends move on so don’t buy anything that will quickly go out of style. Otherwise by the time winter rolls around you might not like the coat anymore and it was a waste of money. So keep it neutral and timeless. That way anything you purchase out of season you know you’re still guaranteed to like when the time comes to actually wearing it.