5 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

Flowers and chocolates are nice, but after so many years, they might start to feel repetitive and lack the wow factor that momentous occasions like an anniversary calls for. This year, why not break away from the usual supermarket-bought goodies, and opt for anniversary gifts that are unique and memorable?

Here at Inscripture, “unique” is our forte; we create personalised jewellery that is both personal and beautiful, engraved with special imagery like photos, fingerprints and handwriting. To give you some inspiration, here’s five unique anniversary gifts that we guarantee will add some extra pizazz to your anniversary celebration this year…

Handwriting Jewellery

There’s nothing more intimate and personal than handwriting. It reflects the individuality and emotions of the writer through each unique stroke and flourish. With this in mind, why not create a piece of handwriting jewellery as an anniversary gift. Incorporate your own writing onto a pendant or bracelet to create a deeply meaningful keepsake. You could write “I love you” or “Happy Anniversary”, or maybe even incorporate a quote from your wedding vows. It’s special touches like this that transform ordinary anniversary gifts into truly special ones.

Photo Jewellery

Our photo jewellery is another unique anniversary gift, beautifully merging together both romance and sentimentality. You could include a snapshot from your wedding day to symbolise the beginning of your lifelong journey together, or a cute candid photo of a memorable vacation that means a lot to you both. Photos evoke nostalgia and emotion, making photo jewellery not just a gift, but a cherished keepsake that tells a story.

Soundwave Jewellery

If you want a really unique anniversary gift, why not consider our soundwave jewellery. This jewellery can be engraved with a soundwave, transforming the accessory into wearable art. The unique waveform engraved onto the pendant or charm captures the sound’s exact visual representation, whether it be a heartfelt “I do” from a wedding day, a cherished song lyric or a laugh. These sound bites are perfect for symbolising the intimacy of shared experiences, evoking nostalgia and romance.

Pawprint Jewellery

Does your partner have a soft spot for a particular furry friend? If so, our pawprint jewellery would make a stunning anniversary gift. It will encapsulate the unconditional love and companionship that pets bring to your lives and will forever immortalise their presence with their unique paw print engraved directly onto the jewellery’s metal. To ensure a clean and accurate imprint, we recommend using our Inkless Print Kit. It provides a mess-free method to capture your pet’s pawprint, ensuring the anniversary jewellery is crafted with perfect precision.

Birthstone Jewellery

Finally, find a unique anniversary gift in our collection of birthstone jewellery. Birthstones are imbued with symbolic meaning, representing different aspects of a wearer’s life. For an anniversary, you could create a birthstone necklace that includes both you and your partner’s birthstones, to signify your union. Alternatively, choose the birthstone associated with the month of your anniversary. Much of our birthstone jewellery can also be personalised with extra charms and motifs such as engraved pendants featuring real handprints, pawprints, photos and handwriting for extra meaning.

We hope these five unique anniversary gift ideas have sparked your imagination and inspired you to think beyond traditional chocolates and flowers! Engraved jewellery offers a truly way to commemorate your special day and lets you celebrate the unique story of your relationship and connection for years to come. Here’s to breaking away from the ordinary and crafting something extraordinary with engraved anniversary jewellery.