5 Beautiful Pet Memorial Ideas for Remembering Your Furry Friend

Losing a pet is one of life’s most heart-wrenching experiences. It can be just as difficult losing a pet as any loved one; at the end of the day, they become members of the family and our best friends. Grieving the loss of a pet looks different to everybody, but one way you can find comfort and solace is through pet memorial jewellery.

In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring 5 beautiful pet memorial ideas that will help you remember your fur baby in a heartfelt, personal way. From thoughtful pet memorial gifts to unique keepsakes like paw print jewellery and nose print jewellery, we hope these ideas will become touching tributes that immortalise the special bond you have with your furry companion.

Pet Ashes into Jewellery

After losing a pet and receiving their ashes, it can be difficult to know what’s the right thing to do with them. Many find comfort in keeping the ashes in a special urn kept close by. Others prefer to scatter the remains of their furry friend in their favourite spot, and some prefer to turn their pet ashes into jewellery.

Pet ashes jewellery is a unique and heartfelt way to keep your beloved companion close, no matter where you go. It involves carefully incorporating a small amount of your pet’s remains into colourful resin which is then captured within beautifully crafted jewellery.

Here at Inscripture, we specialise in creating bespoke pet ashes jewellery and offer a wide range of designs and styles to suit your preferences. Our elegant dog ashes necklaces, pet ashes pendants, ashes bracelets and ashes charms can be customised to perfectly reflect the personality of your fur baby. Choose from different resin colours and metals, including sterling silver, gold and rose gold.

Self-Fill Pet Ashes Jewellery

Another personal and comforting way to memorialise your pet is to design your own self-fill pet ashes jewellery. This unique jewellery allows you to fill a small compartment with a portion of your pet ashes, meaning you’ll always have their remains with you. Included with every piece is a funnel kit and clear instructions so filling the pet memorial bracelet or pendant is made simple and easy.

Our self-fill ashes jewellery collection includes a variety of elegant designs, from bracelets to pendants, rings and charms, all crafted with care to help you cherish your pet’s memory forever. Many of our pet memorial jewellery designs can also be engraved for further personalisation.

Paw Print Jewellery

Another incredible way to preserve the memory of a beloved pet is through paw print jewellery. Every dog or cat’s paw print is as unique as a human fingerprint, making these pieces not just a keepsake but a personalised tribute to your furry friend’s identity. At Inscripture, we offer a hassle-free inkless print kit which makes capturing your pet’s paw print simple and stress free.

Once we’ve received your pet’s paw print, our skilled artisans will engrave the image onto a variety of pet memorial jewellery pieces including paw print necklaces, paw print bracelets and paw print charms. This process allows you to curate a tangible reminder of your pet and find a sense of connection and comfort during times of loss.

Dog Nose Print Jewellery

Like our paw print jewellery, our dog nose print jewellery provides a way to cherish the memory of your beloved pet. Once again, you can capture the unique print of your pup’s nose using our inkless print kit and our master craftsmen will engrave it onto a variety of jewellery designs including dog nose print necklaces, bracelets and charms.

By wearing or gifting dog nose print jewellery, you can not only celebrate the individuality of your pet, but we hope you’ll also find comfort and solace in keeping their memory close. And hey, we won’t judge if you can’t resist giving your dog nose print pendant a little boop now and then—it’s a reminder of the adorable quirks that made your pet so dear to you.

Pet Photo Jewellery

Finally, have you considered honouring your pet using your favourite photo them? Whether it’s a photo of them alone, or you both together, pet photo jewellery is a beautiful way of honouring your pet and their unique personality, becoming a comforting reminder of the joy they brought when they entered your life. At Inscripture, we can create personalised pet jewellery that combines your pet’s photo with other features such as their pawprint, nose print or birthstone.

It’s our mission to design pet memorial jewellery that provides solace and connection; to create beautiful designs that preserve the bond you have with your beloved pet. For help memorialising your pet, explore our range of pet memorial gifts and jewellery on the Inscripture website here.